It depends on the type of treat. Generally, the fish or meat based treats, are best stored in the fridge. The other treats can also be stored in the fridge or on the shelf in their airtight bags. All treats come with storage instructions.

The meat and fish based treats last approximately 14 days in the fridge, or just a few days on the shelf. The other treats can last several weeks on the shelf. As we don’t use artificial preservatives we cannot bake treats that last longer. All treats come with guidance notes and best before dates (NOT use by dates). But we advise you have a look at them and decide if they are still ok for your dog. All of our treats can be frozen, but once defrosted should be refrigerated and consumed within 10 days.

We use Royal Mail and only charge the cost of postage and packaging, all our postal boxes can be recycled.

That depends on you and why you are giving them the treat, your dog and the treat. Some dog owners give them for rewarding good behaviour, some just because they like to treat their dogs regularly, and others for training purposes. Small dogs should have less than a large dog, whilst an active dog could have more than a sedentary dog. Also for instance the liver treats are very rich and if too much is given can cause stomach problems. Where as, you could get away with giving more of the vegetarian treats. You know your dog best (age, weight, activity level, diet, size and other lifestyle factors), but remember these are treats NOT regular food.

No. Gluten is the protein found in specific types of grain. Not all grains contain gluten, so gluten free food may or may not be grain free, but grain free food is always gluten free. We use gram flour (high in protein, iron and fibre), which is naturally gluten free in our gluten free recipes. However although oats are gluten free, they may have been contaminated as they are usually processed in facilities that process wheat and barley.

We have done several times before. Just contact us at info@fordogssaketreats.co.uk for a chat.

Our treats are healthy, but they are still only treats & must not replace their normal food.

Definitely not. We use natural ingredients, which are beneficial to dogs’ health. But we are not vets, and these are only treats. Always discuss any changes in medication or treatment with your vet.

We use a number of organic ingredients including our home grown herbs and vegetables. But our completed treat is not organic.

If you want to! They are made from human grade ingredients, and cooked to human standards. But made with dogs’ taste buds in mind (very different to ours).

We have done before. Just contact us at info@fordogssaketreats.co.uk for a chat.

UK only, as our products are freshly baked and packed to order.

Dependant upon the breed, dogs have a sense of smell that is massively more sensitive than ours. So believe me, they will be able to smell them, even if you can’t.

Give their owners our details so they can get their own.

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If you love your dog as much as I love dogs, For Dogs’ Sake! Give them some of our treats. You’ll know that you are giving them something personally researched & handmade with only what’s good for them in mind, and they will definitely love one of them – if not all (we even sell sample selections for them to decide upon their favourites).