What We Do

For Dogs’ Sake Treats was only established in 2018, but I have been making tasty dog treats for training or gifts for a long time before that. At the moment For Dogs’ Sake Treats sell to individuals, local dog friendly cafes, pubs, and a doggy health food store.

We are based in Liverpool and as they say “you’ll never walk alone” with these treats in you pocket! So For Dogs’ Sake Treat them to some of our healthy homemade dog treats.

Natural Ingredients

For Dogs’ Sake Treats use human grade natural ingredients, some of which is organic (including my home grown ingredients). Our products have no preservatives, flavourings, colourings or bulk fillers. fat content is kept low, but taste content is high.

Handmade, tried & tested

For Dogs’ Sake Treats is an artisan healthy dog treats business. I hand create all our tasty healthy dog treats & taste all my treats before our chief taster does (our Golden doodle). Then a variety of her friends test them. Only then am I ready to sell the best of them.

Can do Attitude

For Dogs’ Sake Treats have lovingly created on request doggie Birthday cakes & packages, Christmas puddings & packages, Welcome packages, Hanukah treats gift, and even created a selection of tailor-made treats that were grain free, dairy free and egg free. You just have to ask.

Our Products

We use human grade natural ingredients, some of which is organic (including our home grown ingredients).

 Take a look at our range of tasty dog treats for training or gifts.