Hand drawn Pencil Pawtraits Individual Pooch Pawtrait for £60 (current waiting list through to 2022)


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Please note any orders placed now will not be ready for Christmas 2020 or NewYear 2021. Please email me first for timescale.

What better way to immortalise your beloved pooch? Or maybe a perfect present for a pooch owner.

I hand draw your pooch’s pawtrait in pencil. Based on a photo you send me. It needs to be a decent quality picture (I don’t know your dog and can only draw what I see).

This totally unique drawing is approximately A4 size (making it both affordable and easy to frame), and sealed before the original is posted to you in appropriate packaging. Please see the various pawtraits done to date in the gallery page.

People have bought these as thank you gifts, birthday gifts, a way to remember their beloved 4 legged companion, as a prize to raise money for a good cause, to use as a print for personal cards or just because they wanted one.

If you want a pawtrait with more than one pooch in the picture, we add an extra £10 for each extra pooch in the picture. (e.g. One A4 drawing with 2 pooches in it £70. Two separate A4 drawings is discounted at £100. One A4 drawing with 3 pooches in it £80 etc)

A special and totally unique original drawing. There may be a short/long waiting list at the time of ordering. As these are hand drawn by me, I suggest that BEFORE PAYING YOU EMAIL ME FIRST IF NEEDED BY A SPECIFIC TIME, TO CHECK IF POSSIBLE.

Additional information

Number of Pooches per Pawtrait:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Number of Pawtraits:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5