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Packed full of nutrients, SO incredibly good for dogs’ joints, coat, liver immune system, helps maintain a healthy gut, especially dogs with digestive issues, the list goes on and on! Suggest 1 or 2 per day (depends on dog size & activity level), as a health supplement/treat. I make my own bone broth using fresh marrowbones from our local butchers and cook them over a low heat for many, many hours to get the highest quality of bone broth. I hand scrape off the excess fat from the top when it has cooled and only add a tiny amount of gelatine, as there is already plenty in it. Some dogs may not be used to the texture, in this case we have found if broken into small pieces and hand fed or sprinkled on top of dogs food, they soon get used to the texture and love this extremely beneficial treat/supplement. 100% natural tasty dog treat!

  • Old South American proverb “Good broth will resurrect the dead”
  • Absolutely no added flavourings, colourings, sugar, salt, preservatives or any other artificial additives.
  • Handmade in small batches from preparation to packaging by myself – no outsourcing. So ensuring the highest quality product is delivered fresh to your door.
  • Suitable for all breeds from 14weeks old.
  • Only premium quality human grade ingredients used
  • Packed in re-sealable foil airtight bags for freshness.
  • Suitable for freezing. Once defrosted this product should be kept refrigerated in an airtight container and used within approximately 12 days (guidance only).
  • Available either in sample sizes of 7 jellies, bags of 28 jellies or 3×28 jellies (excellent value for money – allowing you to freeze individual packs until ready to use). All packed in foil re-sealable airtight bags.
  • Although I test all my treats, they are not made with human taste in mind or for human consumption.

Ingredients: beef marrowbone, cider vinegar, gelatine.

Allergy information: Please note our kitchen handles nuts.

Feeding guidelines: Only to be given as a treat (not a replacement for their recommended diet), do not overfeed your dog. Always ensure fresh water is available for your dog. Always check product before giving your dog.

Due to the time taken to prepare the bone broth and the availability of the right quality marrowbones, delivery may sometimes take a little longer than our other treats to prepare (please note all ordered treats are delivered at the same time).

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28, 3×28, 7


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